Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Few Weeks Ago a Tornado Ripped Through South St. Louis County, Saturday a Cyclone Made It's Way to North St. Louis County! Status: Available.


I briefly considered adding some food to this vignette, then I was like: yeah right...on my Starburst? Not.

So...do I have the forks and spoons in the right places? I don't know this stuff. It

looks right to me but I've never really payed any attention to that stuff! Anyway,

Cool cafe table...no? It's a Modernica reproduction of the amazing Isamu Noguchi

"Cyclone" table. I've always liked the industrial design aspect of these table.



That base is SOLID steel. It's Very heavy. Surprisingly heavy. It makes for a very

stable table. This just looks so good with the Pagholz bentwood chairs, don't you

think? I would have looked good with the Panton "S" chairs as well but those are

long gone.


There are some unfortunate wear areas on this used table. The base has some

scratches from shoes and the Formica top has two areas of damage on the edge.

They aren't large but they are somewhat distracting from an otherwise beautiful



With a little creativity these spots could be hidden. The pulled up part needs to be

glued back down and with a little epoxy and some white paint...well you'd hardly no

there was ever an issue.




  1. I SO want your starburst dinnerware set! And the table is fantastic. I dream of having a vintage/industrial loft work space some day.

  2. Rhan...WAIT!! I will arm wrestle you for the Starburst :) Let's just divide it evenly, ok? Love the table and the chairs look awesome with it. Looks like it would be fairly easy to put new laminate or maybe veneer on the top if you are handy with a router or exact-o knife. It's a good..no actually a bad thing that I live 5 hours from St. Louis.

  3. Can't imagine why someone would pay that much for a table and then beat it up. Go figure...

    I've actually had good luck filling in small nicks in laminate with automotive fiberglass filler. I sand it with a very fine manicure emery board, which gives me control in small areas, and then paint. I figured out it would work for laminate after learning how to fill in small nicks and cracks in fiberglass chairs.

    The Starburst is gorgeous. How many pieces do you have?

  4. what a great little set up! your silverware is "wrong" but when it looks so pretty who cares right? i only have like, 5 random & odd pieces of starburst but it looks cute on the shelf. :)

  5. My parents bought this same table when it was new and I still have it. My table is in pretty good condition and has the Knoll sticker on the bottom. There are no chips, the top might have some surface scratches, but only noticeable in certain light. I got the rust or oxidation off the steel base with steel wool. It came out really nice. Not for sale right now, but are these tables worth about $2,000? I like it too much to sell. I have it set up with Herman Miller orange fiberglass Eiffel chairs. I wish I had dishes like you have to go with it!

  6. Rhan & K4M - The Starburst ain't goin' nowhere!

    K4M - I don't think I'll be trying to put a new piece of laminate on it but, like you, I think it could be done.

    Dana - No Doubt! I might try your idea. How about putting color in the epoxy? Check out the Starburst Post here to see my entire collection (minus one teacup...where is it?!?!)

    stacey - Even a few pieces of Starburst looks great in a china cabinet. Plus you can "match" up other blue plates from other manufacturers with it.

    Barbara - Oooo, I bet that setup looks great! I love Eames shell chairs with the Eiffel bases. I'll trade the dishes for the table and chairs!

  7. I have one of the chairs. Fro National Chair & Furniture Co. Do you have any info besides manufactured in St. Louis?

  8. David - The chairs pictured above are actually from Royalmetal. I think this was a company in Chicago. It seems that they either distributed the chairs for Pagholtz or attached a metal base to the seat as imported from Germany. Anybody got any info on this?