Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dreaming of Spring. How Many More Days??? Status: Always in Full Bloom.


I've always wondered who Suma was. I'm just glad I found some of their art at the thrift store. I almost sold this once. The Girlfriend put the Kibosh on that!

So here's a couple pics of the Artwork that brightens my every morning. Well,

early afternoon...seeing as I generally manage to roll out of bed about the crack of

noon weekdays. Of course weekends (in the summer anyway) are a different

story. I end up dragging the Girlfriend out of bed much earlier than she'd like.


The string art flowers are the Girlfriends purchases. I get a veto on this as

sometimes her choice of subject just doesn't make the cut. These two are great

though and one is located in each bathroom.


I've also placed this pretty little Sunflower painting in the guest bath. It's great

because the tile in here is yellow.


The last pair here aren't "up" as I've just never found a place for them here. We

used to have them displayed in our bathroom when the Girlfriend had a place in

South City. I just haven't found the right place for them here. I may end up selling

them. They are plastic with a copper backing.



  1. All of these are pretty, but I especially love the top one. It's gorgeous!

  2. i love these! i don't think i've ever seen these in person, which is sad. i'm a bit partial to
    framed gravel art which mostly gets a VETO in this house. :(

  3. Dana - The copper one? It's become one of my favorite pieces. It's pretty unique.

    stacey - I say Veto the Veto!