Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wormley? Nelson? McCobb? Baughman? Aarrgghh!!! Status: Driving Me Nuts.


Seems like I've seen a bazillion of tables like these in the past and I never paid much attention to the attribution...and of course now I can't find a comparable to save my life.  Ain't that just the way it goes?

Anybody got an "In the manner of..."?



It's obviously a high quality table.  I'm pretty sure the top surface is Rosewood but

needs a light refinish, which it'll be getting as soon as the weather breaks.  I can't

find any distinguishing marks on the bottom.  Just the ubiquitous scribbley scratch

of hand written "code".


I acquired this table Sunday when I answered an ad for a couple of chairs and a

table on C-list.  I ended up buying one of the chairs, it's ottoman, the listed marble

(broken in two) top table, another Kroehler mid century style side table and this.  It

was all a great deal too.  The Kroehler table and this table were not included in

the ad.  I spotted them in the garage and well, asked if they were available as

well.  Yup.  They seemed happy to be getting them out of the way.  People love

getting Cash for stuff they forgot they had and might never use again.


I think after a little love this table is going to be just drop dead gorgeous!


  1. I love that table, I would love to have a pair for bedside tables.

  2. You've probably already seen the Paul McCobb on 1st Dibs that is slightly similar, and then there's one on the Uniques and Antiques site that's more like yours, but only identified as "Danish modern":

    You'll probably find out about the table out of the blue when you least expect it, like I did about the chair, but it will drive you nuts till you do.

  3. hannah - This table does seem to be your style. A pair of them would be great! Got anything you wanna trade?

    Dana - Yeah, I've spent hours and hours looking at anything I can think of. I'll figure it out some day.