Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Rest of the Booty From Yesterday's Estate Sale. It Looks Like a Pearsall Chair, But I'm Not Convinced. Status: Avaiable.


With the help of Illuminate I was able to snatch up this chair at the Midas Touch estate sale yesterday.

She actually snatched the tag off for me while I ran over and "called" the table of

Franciscan Starburst. I feel like a dope though, cuz there apparently was an

orange ashtray right next to the table that she wanted and I completely missed it.

I've got an orange ashtray or two, so I'll make it up to her.


I've found another chair VERY similar to this one on Worthpoint, unfortunately I'm

too cheap to subscribe and get the 411 on selling price. Anybody have an

account? There isn't much info. on the chair itself either. Just a picture that I found

via a Google Image Search.


I had searched Google Images for "Pearsall Chair" and only found one other

similar chair
but it's obviously not the same. It's a bit more refined I think, in the



The upholstery is a durable synthetic. It's probably why this piece has survived so

long. The legs are a little loose but nothing a little glue couldn't fix right up.

Otherwise it's actually quite a comfortable chair! Surprisingly so!


  1. It sure looks to me like it could be a Pearsall chair. I've seen pictures of Pearsall chairs with wood trim that looks almost identical, and it just has the "feel" of one of his designs.

  2. Lovely... and my color of the year!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. This would be a KEEPER for me. Don't I always say that about your finds?! Love the shape, the details, color, everything. What are you selling it for $$?

  4. While he grabbed the dishes, it was easy to grab other items in the sale! Along with him wanting this chair, I wanted the two orange vases in the same room. I was able to snatch the tag on the chair and grab my vases while he got the starburst. All those hours in the cold we were able to set up a gameplan.. We were a team!

  5. Mr Modtomic,
    Check out
    I don't see this one there -- I've been lucky and unlucky with my "Pearsall" finds, but this is a great resource.
    Plus it's a cool chair in any case.

  6. Dana - It'd be nice if it is, I wish there was some sort of mark or tag.

    50s Pam - Yeah for Orange!

    Rhan - I CAN'T keep it! I have a house full of chairs! I'm not sure what I'll be asking for it.

    Illy - We kicked some estate sale butt!

    E - Cool, thanks for the address. It is a great resource.

  7. do u still have the chair? is it for sale?

  8. Anony - Sorry, but no. It now lives with a happy family in New Orleans along with a pair of lamps and the three blue Formica nesting tables. You can click the link in the upper right corner of the blog to see what I Do have available though!