Monday, January 3, 2011

It IS Round! Columbus Was Right, I Got Proof! Status: Standing Tall (Look Inside, It'll Make Sense)


Ah, my first Non-Lighted globe. You can say to your grandchildren, "I was there when he bought the first one, kids".

Well, of course it's not gonna be just ANY Non-Lighted globe! It's still gotta be

special, right? Looks like it's dated between 1981 and 1984 as Belize is part of

Central America but Upper Volta is still Upper Volta and not Burkina Faso. That

makes it just about 30 years old or so. Not quite mid-century but just look at the

base! It's so MID-CENTURY!!!


Yeah, see...that's what I'm talking about right there! It's amazing that they kept

making this style of globe base into the Eighties, don'tcha think?


This was down at the Goodwill where I picked up the Thayer Coggin sofa a couple

weeks ago. I also picked up the tile top table featured yesterday at the same time.

Sometimes you find your traps full of treasure!


I gotta find a place for this beauty. I kinda thought about putting one of the lighted

in the frame but it looks like too much work. I'll just live with it.



  1. Love the base! I have one from Goodwill for $4, from 1970. It has a snazzy mid century base but is not as tall as this one. Someday, I'll fulfill my childhood dream of one that lights up.

  2. Probably the coolest standing globe I've ever seen. LOVE the base! Yes, pretty crazy that they were still making this style in the 80's.

  3. M-girl - $4 is an awesome steal! Look at antique malls for the lighted globes. Antique sellers kinda know they can make a buck off them but don't know that us Retro folks place a higher value on them.

    Rhan - I spotted another just like this the other day for $25. It was hard not to grab it up.