Thursday, January 13, 2011

Apparently I Gots a Thing For Clocks! Here Are a Few Of My Analog Beauties. Status: Tick Tick Tick Tick...


Maybe it's because I have a very "live for now" attitude (which gets me into lots of problems BTW) but I do seem to have some weird thing for clocks.



This Seth Thomas doesn't currently work. It has a chord but needs some surgery

to get back on it's feet. I'd like to clean up the finish on the wood as well. Maybe

someday. It'll make a good lookin clock when all cleaned up. I only paid a buck for




This Bulova (?!) clock came from a little second hand store over by the Goodwill

and Value Village near my home. It was just $4. I know, you're thinking "Bulova...

wow, that's high end! I bet it works great." Nope. It can't keep time to save it's life.

It has a "faster-slower" dial on it. It's not quartz controlled. Can you believe that? It

still looks awesome.



This is a neat one. You see that nickle sized dot on top of it? That is a projector

where in the clock can project the time on the ceiling in the dark. I've never tried to

get it working but I bet it's pretty annoying!


  1. Here is a link to a page on projection clocks; with lots of details on how they work.

  2. Roger Russell's site is fascinating. He knows so much...about so much! I corresponded with him back and forth a few times when I did my post on Jefferson clocks. He's a nice man.

    I particularly found his piece about the radioactivity of some of the old clock dials and hands interesting...and about the tragedy involving the women who worked in the factories that made those clocks.

    Your clocks are cool. I have a fascination with them too, but the ones I want cost more than I am willing to the George Nelson night clock and the tripod clock and some of the Jeffersons.

  3. Your clocks are very cool. Love the Bulova.

  4. I think I have that same projection clock and mine doesn't project either. Let me know if you figure it out. I will visit Roger Russell's site, too, to see if it helps. Super cool clocks, btw.

  5. mooboy - Thanks for the info. I have another projection clock that needs a bulb too. Maybe I'll fix these little guys up.

    Dana - I saw a show on PBS about the women who did the work on the clocks. Sad that.

    Rhan - The Bulova has those glow in the dark hands and marks!

    HT - I still need to go there myself. I think I just need the proper bulbs.