Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ah Ha...Another Mystery Box. Again, It's Been Out In the Garage Since We Moved In! Status: Really??? Another???


Yep, I keep finding stuff I done forgot I had. ::shakes head::



Holy crap! Another box full of dishes! Well, they're plastic dishes. And while they

are a pretty color and have a great pattern, they are cheap as heck. Dana is so

right about the difference in quality between some of these different

. These are thin and wipmy. And as you can see from some of the

pics above, they were all taped together so we didn't really check them out to

keenly when we bought them. Unfortunately they are all VERY used. I'm not sure

we'll be able even use them. Oh well. ::shrugg::


The Girlfriend forgot about THESE! I could hardly believe it when I unwrapped

them. She ADORES these little Salt and Pepper Shakers. And these are extra

special cuz theyz made of Bakelite or some such pre-plastic. I have to admit, they

are pretty cool. I love the "mass" they have for such little shakers. They were

machined out of solid material and the tops screw in.


These are great. Anybody got a designer for these? I have another set in

speckley pink that these will look great with.



And then I unwrapped these! Who-Hoo! How could I have forgotten these?!?!

California Mobile (Oops...not Mobile but Contempora) pattern by Metlox. Berry

bowls? Sweet, no? I think I need to start a collection of this pattern!


  1. ha ha ha you're so funny! we are coming close to being unaware of what's going on in the storage spaces of the house. it's like a surprise every time isn't it?

  2. Isn't it fun to find treasures you forgot about? The Metlox had to be a sweet surprise. It's a beautiful pattern to collect.

  3. How fun to find forgotten boxes. That aqua blue is my favorite color and that pattern is so pretty. Love those S & P's. How unique! Hey, what else is hiding in your garage?!

  4. Stacey - Don't let it get too bad, but'll be so fun when spring cleaning comes around to find all the forgotten treasures.

    K4M - I'm going to buckle down and start really looking at the antique malls for the Metlox. I think I know where there is a sizable set but it's priced pretty high. I might try a little horse trading.

    Rhan - There's plenty more out there waiting for me to either find it, fix it or sell it!