Friday, October 15, 2010

Steve's Antiques - Alton Illinois - What a Junque-tique Shop Oughta Be! Status: hoping you'll be Brave enough to poke around.


This is one of my favorite shops. It's kinda dark, pretty dusty and maybe haunted.


It's the kinda place you feel like you might stumble upon a lost painting by an

important artist. Or some plans hand drawn by Frank Lloyd Wright. Maybe a stash

of Murano Glass. Who knows, but you have to be an adventurous person. Steve's

Antiques ain't gonna spoon feed you. You gotta explore. You WILL be rewarded, if

only with a story of poking around the place you can tell all your friends about!


I myself picked up the rod iron and bamboo step end table (in front of the bamboo

sofa) on this day. Unfortunately my batteries died before I could shoot the front

end or the outside. Believe me, there's MUCH more to see here!



Steve's Antiques - 323 E Broadway Alton, IL 62002 (618) 465-7407

Click below to see what it looks like from the outside and where it is!


  1. Unbelievable! I would love to poke around this place for hours. If you watch American Pickers on History channel you get it - I could dig around barns for hours!

  2. That is this place to a "T"! If you get there early enough, the staff will let poke around by yourself to find whatever treasures you can dust off for as long as you like!

    **Light Rant Alert**

    I've seen a few episodes of AP on the internet (Mr. Modtomic is keeping it real --- no cable!) and as a "reality" show, I have to take exception to the idea that they can make $20 or $50 on a few items dragged around in the back of that HUGE gas guzzling van and make enough to live on. I KNOW a person can make a living "picking" but I think the show is misleading. They seem more concerned with a Super Quick turnover for the cameras than making the best buck. Sorta like, "Look! You really can make $$$ doing this!!!" but not enough to feed the van, the two guys and pay for hotel rooms!

  3. One time in high school (7 whole years ago!) my best friend, my cousin, and myself where hitting up all the antique stores in Alton. We went into Steve's and there was a guy a little bit older than us sitting at the desk. He unknowingly had dirt all over his face, probably from moving stuff around. I asked him, "Are you Steve?" He said "No". I replied, "Oh, who are you?"............"Im Steve" he said back to me. We just started busting up laughing so hard. Apparently it was "Steve" the owners son, who is also named Steve. My friends and I still joke about that to this day. I got a funny story about Rubenstein from Rubensteins antiques that just a couple blocks away.

    Anyway, I realize this is an old post but I just stumbled across it and thought Id share.