Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Overman Pod chair. Modtomic loved...Cat approved. Status: Gone to New Orleans.


Just picked this up yesterday (Craigslist) and looks like Kennedy (the Cold War kittie) has already staked his claim. It was already covered in some kind of animal hair so I'm letting him have his way with it for the moment.

DSCN8286Overman Pod Chair 03Overman Pod Chair 02Overman Pod Chair 06

The arms are a little faded and if I can't find a new home for it I may just keep it and fashion

some covers for the arms. I have another Overman pod chair in blue out in the garage but it

was made in Sweden, where as this one was made in Knoxville TN. Hmmm. Might do a

little research later on this. The blue one needs to be re-upholstered as there are some half

dollar size holes in its fabric. This one just needs to be de-haired with some packing tape. I

got most of it off before taking pics but it still needs more attention.

Overman Pod Chair 01Overman Pod Chair 08Overman Pod Chair 07Overman Pod Chair 04

These chairs are AMAZINGLY light weight. I think the construction of the chair "body" is

made of the kind of foam they make those styrofoam cups from. It's solid but very light.

Has anybody ever "Re-dyed" upholdery before? I'm thinking I might be able to get the

fabric off pretty easily, re-dye it and put it back on. Whatcha' think? I'm open to suggestions.

Status Update: Re-Homed to New Orleans!


  1. Both are very Gorgeous!!!

  2. Kitters thanks you (I'm sure chair would too if chair had feelings)!

  3. Um, yes please. I'll take it. And if kitty likes it, it's a go. My cats rule me. I see yours does too. ;)

  4. nasdopiyHBJILDO I8989 H jkssssd

    ::pushes cat off keyboard::

    I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.