Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally...whew...symmetry! The Danish Lamps and their long awaited Shades! Status: together at last.


I snatched the lamps up from a Craigslist ad about 8 or 9 months ago for cheap, problem is...they had no shades.


So like, yeah...these lamps were killing me. Just take a moment and try...TRY, I Dare you!, to find a matching set of lampshade that would go with these lamps! Yeah, they ain't no where. I spotted a set of lamps with cool shades about 275 miles south of here on the Springfield Mo. Craigslist. I just couldn't pull the trigger on THAT roadtrip. Then my buddy found a set on some "ugly" lamps at a local thrift store and he snatched them up for like $15. Dag. Well, I had a good month a while back and offered him $150...yes, One Hundred and Fifty Dollars, U.S. for those lampshades. Denied. No Sale. Can you Imagine! Dag.

Then I found a set of lamps with these shades on Craigslist here in StL. a few weeks ago for just $90! Cha Ching...Sold. I had even gone over to TFA (The Future Antiques)and Retro 101 ready to drop some bank if they happened to have a matched set. No luck there, or at any of the antique malls...or anywhere...

Like I said..."Finally!"

Oh yeah, rearranged the bed to a less dramatic angle. I kept bumping myself on my nightstand. Since I have glass tops, I had finally cut myself one too many times. Now I need a bench at the end of the bed. I have a bunch of hairpin legs, maybe I'll build something...yeah...that's gonna happen. Right after I paint those nicotine colored walls...sigh.


  1. I feel your pain - lampshades are tough! Those look awesome though. Just like they were meant to be. Love the Brasilia.

  2. AMAZING! I love love love. Wow! Yeah, try and find that around Southern California where I live- no way!! And your headboard.....I'm dying...... I think I'm going to change my last name to Brasilia!

  3. And you've inspired a post on my blog!! Can't get over the headboard and lamps!!

  4. I got ya linked on the side bar Rhan! -->

    I haven't been through SoCal yet, but we spent a little over a week in San Fran. this Summer and found some really great bargains while there. We hit the Laney College Flea market and I bought a Dorothy Schindele desk for $35! I also found a genuine Overman pod chair at a "junque" shop for $20. Ya just have to put a lot of time into the search and a little luck. Knowing what you are looking at helps, too. I ended up selling that desk to a couple who drove here from Louisville Ky. specifically for it! Within a couple of months that desk made it almost all the way across America.

  5. This looks exactly like my lamp! I don't use an outer shade with it though, I like the look a lot.

  6. illum. - I spotted your lamp on your Flickr page! I think I may have left a comment there. Spotted your ad today on C-list (with the clock), looks good! I just barely make out YOUR Brasilia in the background.