Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oooh...Chilly Nights just Beckon for a Warm Fire...a warm Mid Century Modern Fire! Status: let's, two, three...yup that's a collection.


Can't hardly wait to buy some wood to burn up out here on the patio! Plus we gotta buy some wood for the real fireplace inside for the "for real" winter anyway.

Outside edit

This one didn't come with any other piping so it drew the short straw and lives

on the patio. I think this will be awesome this fall with a fire in the evening.

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I still need to get a cover for it. I tried

a patio table cover but it didn't drape down far enough to tighten the draw

string around the bottom. I need to find a bigger one somewhere.


This one is in the Coctail Lounge Living Room. Candles only in here. I've also

got a Sonic Water Vapor "Smoke" maker in there. It has changing color LEDs in it

so it looks all cool when lit up! It's great for parties...especially the NIGHTMARE

BEFORE CHRISTMAS Party we host every year! This fireplace came out of

a pretty mod looking Cedar Sided home in South St. Louis County a few years

ago. I was so excited about getting it and loading it up that I forgot some of

the extra parts they had for me but I didn't really need them anyway. They were

parts like the upper pipe and chimney topper (OK, I could use that on the patio



Mmmm...a nice toasty warm fire in the spare bedroom! NOT! C' knew

they were Fake logs...Right?!?! Like I'd ever fire up this Baby! It's never had

a fire built in it...ever! Unfortunately I don't have the "doors" so I couldn't fire

it up even if I wanted to! It's just for lookin' at. Nice though, Eh?


  1. THese are all super groovy. I need to find one of those for a room or two!

  2. AND I have a black electric one in the Garage awaiting some cleanup PLUS we have the "Real" fireplace! 5...FIVE fireplaces!