Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Broyhill! Score! Presenting the Broyhill Premier Sculptra Kneehole Desk. Status Update: Gone away to Chicago.


This beauty came by way of Craigslist today.
The ad was less than ideal but just good enough to catch my attention. I was lucky in that I was just scanning through all the furniture listings about an hour after this was posted. Really nice Danish Modern offerings like this just don't last on St. Louis Craigslist. You have to be Lucky, Persistent or both. Here's the pic from the post...
I noticed the upturned edge of the desk top in the upper right corner of the ad pic. I was pretty sure I recognized this detail but didn't know where from. I just had a feeling this was something kinda special. It took me about a half hour of Pic Googling when I got it home before I ran across it. First I just tried "Danish Modern Desk" then "Arne Voder Desk", "Finn Juhl Desk" and finally, since some of the construction of the chair looked like my Broyhill Brasilia dining chairs, "Broyhill Desk". Bingo!


I had something of a little adventure going to get it too. I had talked to the seller and had the address. I got the map off the internet and headed out. It was only a half hour drive over to the sellers house. I got almost all the way there before I realized....I forgot the map....directions...address...all of it at home. I did still have the phone number on my phone though! First I called the Girlfriend...but she NEVER answers her phone. NEVER. And it drives me nuts. It's a cell phone, right? How is it that....ugh...never mind. Anyway, I couldn't get a hold of her to get the address or directions. I tried to call the seller...but guess what, no answer from them either! I thought I could kinda remember the directions so I sorta drove around a bit randomly for about 20 minutes. I was just about to give up and go home when the seller called me back! I was only 5 minutes away but even if I had brought my directions and map I still wouldn't have found it. There wasn't an off-ramp directly to the street I needed to get to and it looked like there was on the map. Anyway, I finally made it and the seller took one look at Tinkerbell (the Volvo V70 Station Wagon) and asked how I was going to get the desk home.


"Huh? In the wagon of course!" They still didn't think it would fit, but there was so much room to spare. This happens a lot. I show up in Frank (the Focus Station Wagon) or Tink and I get the "you think it'll fit in there?" every time. I've moved Refrigerators, the Big vintage stoves, washers / dryers, everything in these cars! I know what'll fit. I stopped in at the shops in Alton before heading home. Got some pics from Steve's Antiques and J & P's Edelweiss antiques while there. Also picked up a cool little side table from Steve's, but more about that tomorrow maybe.

Status Update 10-24-10: New owners picked it up today.


  1. Gorgeous desk! If I hadn't just found mine I'd be sorely tempted.

  2. I kinda wish the Girlfriend wanted to swap this desk in place of the Heywood Wakefield (Airflow) kneehole but she's pretty attached to the Hey-Wake. One of these days I'm gonna refinish the Hey-Wake.

  3. This is gorgeous! We are looking for a similar one for the hubs' man room. I found a lovely 1960's Bassett desk that is similar at an antique shop near us, but at $220, it's way not in the budget. I've been cruising CL, too. Send some good CL juju my way please.

    Also, I love your car.

  4. Oh, you get DOUBLE good ju-ju for sending the Frank / Tinkerbell (the snaggin' wagons)love!

    SEEK...AND...YE...SHALL...FIND!!! ::thunder - a little lightning::

  5. I LOVE that desk! It would have made a great vanity in my room.

  6. Thanks Rhan. I think it is going to a new home in Chicago tomorrow.

  7. I'm trying to find the chair. Would you know the model? I thought it was sculptra but it does not appear that it is ..

  8. Mr. Modtomic... is that chair also SCULPTURA?? Like the poster above, when I search "Broyhill Sculpture" the results show something else.

    1. Hi Melanie.

      The chair came with the desk and was labeled as Broyhill. The "line" (Brasilia, Saga, etc.) are never marked on the pieces. Short of finding a catalog like the PDF of the Brasilia catalog on line, it's hard to say with any authority what is or isn't what. I have seen these chairs being sold with an otherwise complete Sculptra dining set before but that was quite a while back and you just don't see these chairs too often.

  9. sorry ... not Sculptura, but SCULPTRA :)