Thursday, October 14, 2010

So this guy goes to New Orleans for Halloween every year.... Status: no Joke!

Wouldn't this make a great Paint By Numbers?
Dscn0305 Voodoo Blues 16 color Edit

Yeah, I've been to St. Louis' sister city, New Orleans La., every year for Halloween for the last maybe dozen or more years less the Halloween directly after the Katrina hurricane. This obsession was fostered by both my Mom (who LOVES New Orleans) and my Best Friend from school (who LOVES Anne Rice). So you see, It was written.

Here is the Original pic I took in New Orleans back in '06 or '07. It is of course, Bourbon Street.
Dscn0305 Voodoo Blues Edit 21 median

A couple days in New Orleans around Halloween is good for the soul but hard on the wallet. We used to spend upwards of 7-800 bucks each year. Then I discovered Craigslist. Selling some items here and there helped the wallet. Then I realized I could "Pre-sell" items on the N.O. Craigslist and catch up with the buyers when I got down there! Turns out, with St. Louis having basements full of '40s, '50s, '60s stuff and New Oleans having few if any basements at all...there is quite a market there for reasonably priced Retro! I've more than funded each of my last 4 or 5 trips there (I've also managed to get down there a few times in the Spring and Summer the last few years) utilizing this method! And I'm about to head down again. I've already got my two ads up and have "Pre-sold" a few items too. Since I overslept this morning and didn't shoot some new pics like I normally do, I hope you enjoy a little montage of some of the items I've sold in New Orleans in the last few years. If you happen to have been the buyer of any of these items, I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.


Arvin Steel Chair set.

sold 50's modern coffee table left midsold 50's modern coffee table frontsold 50's modern coffee table right

Radical '50s / '60s Step Coffee table.

sold Dscn5064sold Dscn5063sold Dscn5062

Strange Hairpin 3 Legged Radio stand.

sold SSPX0986sold SSPX0987sold SSPX0988

Danish Style (Made in Yugoslavia) Rope Rocking chair.

sold Dscn5723sold Dscn5722sold Dscn5721

Huge Hollywood Regency Era 3-Way lamp.

sold Dscn5838sold Dscn5837

"Gravel / Glass Chip" Art.

sold Dscn5285sold Dscn5292sold Dscn5291

Danish Mod Looking Roland Speaker set.

sold Dscn5840sold Dscn5841

Hot / Cold Penguin Food Keeper.

Sold Cromecraft Style Table Red White Grey 01Sold Cromecraft Style Table Red White Grey 09Sold Cromecraft Style Table Red White Grey 05

Really Cool Chromecraft Style Table (No Chairs). Check out the Formica Pattern!

Sold: Cone Shaped pull down light fixture 3Sold: Tall Grey Art Glass Base LampSold: Chrome Mod Desk Lamp (no flash) 2

Pull Down Light Fixture, (Murano?) Art Glass Table lamp and a Mod Chrome Desk lamp.

Sold: Danish 3 Leg 2 Tier Table 2

Three Leg Danish Mod Two Tiered table.

Sold DSCN6705Sold DSCN6706Sold DSCN6711Sold DSCN6708

Baumritter Table and 4 Chairs.


Ah, saved the best for last. I really regret selling this chair. Check out that awesome vinyl. I bought it with a split seam and took it all apart to repair it. Sigh.

There were plenty more but the pics have been deleted and or lost. I'm just doing my little part to redistribute the wealth of retro in the mid west and the cash in the south! The money really all stays there 'cuz I pay for a hotel room, food and drink with it! Mr. Modtomic is Spurrin' the Economy!


  1. N.O. for Halloween? Sounds amazing. Hey, love that rocking chair!!

  2. New Orleans @ Holloween is like Marti Gras LIGHT. It's crowded but not STUPID crowded. The weather is almost always nice. The Food is always Great! It is, of course, a great time to go on a Haunted Tour!

    I sold that Rocker to a repeat buyer in New Orleans for just $90. I've seen them go for upwards of $300 on Ebay since. Doh! I spotted one on a porch in North St. Louis and stopped to see if I could buy it, but once I got close I could see that it sat out in the weather a LOoonnnngggg time. Dag. Too bad.