Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's "TIME" (ha ha ha...get it? "time"?) for a Flip Clock Post! Status: I KILL me!


This little guy, a Copal, is the only Flip Clock I have that Doesn't have a radio. The rest; a Lloyd, a GE, and two Panasonics all are sporting tunes.

The Lloyd is by far the Big Man of the group as well as the first to arrive on the

scene. I found it at a sort of junk shop in Berkely California while out there

on vacation earlier this summer. It's not just a clock's a clock STEREO!

Yeah, stereo sound, and it sounds good too! These all keep amazingly good time.

Some of these were rescued from the local thrift stores while others have come

from the Flea Mkts.


The pale yellow Mod looking clock is a Panasonic. It was given to me by Sharon

who runs the George Street Antique Mall.  It didn't work when I got it home but I

did a little work on it and got it running.  It still needs some aesthetic help and

I think I might paint it.


The rest seem to be OK as is. I think I have one for just about every room! Just

like everything else!

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