Tuesday, October 5, 2010

52 Posts / 52...yeah, that's tired already. Easy Living baby. Russel & Mary Wright had it right. Unfortunately finding the dinnerware cheap ain't Easy! Status: headed for the china cab.


Summertime...and the living's...Easy...

Sigh, Summer is so gone. The seasons are a changing. Time to Change the China! Well, rotate the china anyway.


Found this lot at the Kenrick Antique Mall over the weekend. Nice little haul for $95. Not the best deal in the world but not too shabby either. I might have passed it up but for picking up a setting for 6 at the Belleville Flea Mkt. a couple months ago. The tea kettle is a nice addition. Needed the salad plates too.


I already had a set of 6 handled bowls, but before this haul most of my Russel Wright dinnerware was in Chartreuse and it's nice to have some of the complimentary colors. That's one of the great things about the American Modern dinnerware line. Collecting is easier since you don't have to try to find all the same colors. They all go with each other.


Picked up the Covered Dish and the Grey Divided Serving Dish at a local annual sale here in St. Louis called the Gypsy Caravan. Got them cheap too. I think I paid $15 for the pair. I think the Grey Tea Kettle came from the Goodwill while we were on vacation last Spring.



  1. Are they still making this line? last week at a flea I spotted a piece that I new was from this line, but on the bottom that was a new price sticker and the label looked modern. I passed up the pitcher for $6, since I don't collect this line and I didn't know if it was still in production.

  2. Yeah, Me too. I've seen new official reproduction pitchers and stacking cream / sugar bowls. The mark on the bottom is different. It's pretty easy to tell the difference. I think the new stuff has a stenciled mark. The old stuff is not only stamped into the piece but say Stubenville. While the stacking cream / sugar bowl was a piece offered through the Iroquios Casual line and is also stenciled, the new stuff is stenciled with a different manufacturer. I can't remember who. I also couldn't find anything online doing a quick, decidedly un-comprehensive search. I do have a slight prejudice toward the new reproduction but I would probably toss a piece or two in the china cab if I found it in a cool color and it was cheap. All I've seen have been white I think.