Friday, October 22, 2010

You Gotta Get Up Pretty Early In the Morning to Out "Snake" This Guy! Verner Panton Chairs by Vitra. Status Update: Gone


Ah, the classic (and very Classy if I may say) Verner Panton "S" Chair. Simple and Elegant, no? Combined with modern materials and construction techniques these attributes are, as they ever were, Timeless!


Yes, I spotted these four Vitra brand "S" chairs on Craigslist yesterday morning

just after getting out of bed. Yes, it's the first thing I do in the morning and

the last thing I do before I hit the hay. Getting the good stuff requires a

certain level of commitment. It's the same reason that, even though I am SO NOT

a morning person, I get up at 7:30am to hit the Flea Markets during the warm

months (so quickly dwindling...sad). Early bird gets the worm! So anyway, yeah...

they were listed as "4 yellow modern chairs - $25" at about 10:00PM the previous

day and Somehow I was the first to respond the next morning at about Noon!


I figured that the "$25" was for each (it was) and made sure the seller knew I was

ready to spend a hundred bucks my typing "$100 offer" in the Subject line. Money

seems to get people attention like very little else. After talking to the seller

we agreed to meet at a mutually agreeable location and I offered an additional

$25 ostensibly to cover the sellers effort of loading and transport but for realz,

once again, to ensure loyalty. It's a trick I picked up from a my best bud from

high school. He was in Car Sales for a while. The devils occupation.


They have all these little tricks to get you to make one of the largest purchases

of your life. One is simply to offer ( foist it upon you!) to

buy you a soda. Simple, but suddenly you have this little feeling inside you that

you owe this guy at least a listen. And that's where it goes all so terribly

wrong. Yeah, you thought you had it all under control...until you had that soda.

What was IN that soda??? But anyway, I use that little trick to my advantage

where I can and it don't hurt the Karma to pay a little More for something that

is clearly undervalued. I never EVER haggle on an undervalued item.

Status Update 11-25-10: Panton Has LEFT the Building! (chairs are gone)


  1. What a find! They're beautiful and yes, timeless. You and me both, early on Craigslist and to bed with Craigslist.

  2. Early bird gets the Worm! But it never hurts to check just one more time before