Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The beautiful weather of Autumn is upon us. We can finally enjoy our patios without all the Sweat and 'Skeeters. Status: Sought and Found.


Finding this set of Bertoia side chairs for my patio was a hard fought battle. I fell for the design years ago. I halfheartedly tried to pick up a set here and there from Ebay but only sets that were within driving distance. Shipping kills all the fun.


That idea never came to fruition. I'd see pairs or singles here and there at some

of the shops around town but the only affordable pieces had broken welds. The

more often I found chairs with broken welds the more I thought that maybe these

chairs just weren't for me. I had just put the whole idea out of my head

when...shazam!!! Kansas City Craigslist! Yup, found these on Craigslist and had

to make an all day road trip to get them. Good news was they were so cheap that

a whole days drive and a tank of gas was worth it!


I can't seem to find it now but I had read an interview of Harry Bertoia where in

he stated that he was not so enamored of furniture design. It seems that he sold

the designs for his wire furniture to Knoll for a lump sum and used that to buy a

home and metal shop presumably to further his artistic endeavors.

Read more about Harry Bertoia here.

DSCN8514DSCN8515Bertoia Side Chairs, Unkown Table & Red Umbrella


  1. Now since you have the Bertoia chairs you don't need the Salterini chairs, right? right? ;)


  2. Rrriiiiiggghhhtttt...

    But for real, what are you doing up so late...and on a school night!

    I'll be getting a post up of that Salterini set soon. You know, I got that Salterini set right here in North County just a few miles from us! You never really know where the great stuff is gonna wind up.

  3. Now, why did you have to go and post this? Like I needed to see one more thing I missed on craigslist?!? I was looking for a set of these myself a couple years ago but I'd stopped looking because my husband doesn't like them. But you know that wouldn't have stopped me if the price was right! You need to stay down in SL - there's already too much competition for the few good MCM items that show up in KC!

  4. Ok, now you've done it! I'm drooling. I am so in love with these chairs but do you think I'd eeeever come across these at a reasonable price in So. Cal? Heck no! I can only dream and I will keep dreaming. Good for you - they are stunning!

  5. I'm so jealous. We have ONE Bertoia knock-off on our front porch. It's so beautiful, but it's lonely. And it was expensive... My husband bought it for me from a local (expensive) antique shop. These look amazing on your patio.

    They are so worth the waffle ass.

  6. Vint. Hunter - You gotta stay Frosty. I spotted these after they had been on the list for more than a DAY! They weren't listed as Bertoia or even Retro, Vintage or Modern! Just 4 patio chairs. They were listed mid-week. I offered MORE than asking to buy some loyalty disguised as a "hold 'til the weekend" payment (and pay for some good Karma).

  7. Rhan - I just can't hardly believe that. You have to look BEYOND the easy and obvious.

    Examples on LA Craigslist:

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/fuo/2017315796.html - Cool desk $45

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/fuo/2017282472.html - Ok they're IKEA crap...but they are only $50 a pair!

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/fuo/2017193915.html - A beautiful Danish looking Large table and 6 Chairs for $250

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/fuo/2017181924.html - Great Danish looking Display cabinet for $100

    and last but SERIOUSLY not least

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/fuo/2017073075.html - Awesome Mid Century Lane coffee table - (if I was there I'd hve already gotten this!!!) $150

  8. adriane - You TOTALLY get the award for Funniest comment so far on my blog!

    "Waffle Ass"


    I think our sense of humor is in total sync! David Sedaris, Scrooged (just found the DVD, orig. saw it in theater with my Mom!), the Dude! Also Love Grizzly Bear (Six Weeks KILLS my soul). Funny, the Girlfriend is a teacher and a reading junkie.

  9. Well that explains why I never saw them! Once in a great while I'll skim through the general furniture listings for a hidden gem but I don't often come across anything. I'm glad you found them rather than someone who wouldn't appreciate them for what they are. Next time, lets just pretend you found them in like Arkansas or something, lol!

  10. Vint. Hunter - Here in St. Louis we have a Super Snaker who trolls C-list and usually gets the best stuff first. It goes straight to Ebay within a day or two and they make MAD Scratch off of it! They have absolutely driven me nuts in the past but I've finally gotten all Zen about it. Breathing exercises help. It's their livelihood, whereas it's my hobby. They also get the best stuff from local estate sales.

    Check their stuff out (it really is good stuff!) by doing an ADVANCED SEARCH on Ebay for the word "goodeyemodern".