Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old School vs. New School A V for the Coctail Lounge Living Room. Status: Pop in an 8 Track and Watch the Party Break Out!


For this evenings Lounge entertainment we have Vinyl, 8 Track tape, Cassette tape, Radio (NPR Mostly!), CD, MP3, and DVD. Name your Poison!

All of this is Second Hand one way or another. The Numark DJ turntable came

from the Goodwill for Twelve Bucks. It didn't have a needle but I had an extra

that was Found in a vintage tackle box full of vintage radio parts at an estate sale

for Two Bucks!


These B&W Rock Solid speakers were picked up just the other day from the

Salvation Army for just Twenty Bucks. I actually found another set of these in

white at the same store last fall and resold them on C-list for $85. These I

might keep.


Yes, the 8 Track works...and sounds Really Really Good! Rat Pack anyone? Got it

at the Value Village thrift store down the street for I think Five bucks. I probably

paid more for the 8 Track tapes sittin' there!


The JVC is actually a BOOM BOX! I had to take the speakers off cuz' the

suspension ring was rotten out of both drivers. I'm still looking for replacements

to restore the Boom Box to it's former glory. For now, it drives the Audio center

here. It's not terribly powerful but I'm not running a Discotheque or anything!

When I find replacement drivers for the speakers I'll replace this with a proper



This fruity PC (get it...Apple?) was another C-list find. It ain't no giant screen DVD

but it looks cool and plays my movies for entertaining during Cocktail Hour. Of

course it plays CDs and MP3s as well. Plus, did I looks cool.

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