Monday, October 4, 2010

Space age Futuristic Dinnerware from the past! Nothin' says, "Woman, where's my Meatloaf?" like Franciscan Starburst...and Mr. Modtomic is obviously hungry! Status: Avail...Ha Ha Ha, oh..that's a good one! Whooowee! I kill me.


This Franciscan Starburst set started with a sizable lot found at a local Goodwill thrift store.

Franciscan Starburst 01Franciscan Starburst 10

I think it was 32 pieces for about $37(!). Almost all were perfect or what I would score a 95.

There were a few chipped pieces but they have all been replaces. There were 7 of the so

coveted "eyebrow" side plates but one was chipped. I've since bought 2 more off Ebay.

Franciscan Starburst 09Franciscan Starburst 04

The large salad bowl, 1 dinner plate and the salt & pepper shakers were also found on Ebay. 6

more dinner plates, the divided serving bowl and the creamer were partial payment for the

Dorothy Schindele desk that a buyer from Knoxville TN drove out to pick up. I've left the actual

goodwill price tags on the thrift pieces. You can see how good they looked even at the store as

I have never even cleaned them!

Franciscan Starburst 03Franciscan Starburst 05

Funny story about that thrift purchase. The Goodwill here will put the newest items out on the

floor on these large carts before placing them on the shelves where they belong. I guess if

people like me pull items off the rack to buy, then that is one less item they have to then

"place". Good idea! Anyway, I spotted these dishes on the rack and thought, "Wow, those are

pretty cool." But I didn't know what they were. They looked so nice that I thought they were new

or at least newish.

Franciscan Starburst 06Franciscan Starburst 02

I was thinking they were likely from Target or something and as a result, I didn't think they were

worth anything. I had the Girlfriend take a look to see what she thought. She was like, "you

obviously like them even if they aren't should just quit Hemming & Hawing

and just buy the D*mn things". Right, of course sweety. Done. Yeah, almost passed these up.

Can you imagine? A couple of weeks later I was browsing at TFA (The Future Antiques -

Link on the sidebar to the right) and spotted a set of Franciscan Starburst dinner plates priced

at $25 each! AH HA! Then did a little internet research and found them to be highly collectible.

Sweet. You have no idea how many times the Girlfriend has brought this little story up.

I've acquired even more since this post...check it out!

Franciscan Starburst 07


  1. Ah, my favorite pattern! I'm a sucker for a starburst. I am using Salem North Star but hope to find this one someday (wishful thinking - I can dream right?!). 32 pieces for $37? You're killing me!

  2. Got a nice set for 4 of the Salem packed away in a box. I gotta get that out soon. It'll be put in the china cab. as my winter collection. The Fran. Starburst is my summer collection. I've got Franciscan Autumn as...well, fall collection. The Metlox Confetti was my spring set, but is now gone. Got a while to replace it. Maybe I'll start collecting Fiesta for real.

  3. We've been looking for an excuse to start a Starburst collection of our own, but we were hoping to find a few pieces at a good price to get us started. It finally happened last week when I found 32 pieces at Goodwill for .50 cents each! It's a great start to a new collection.

  4. Oh wow, that's awesome Nathan! Between the two of us we are gonna drive some Fran. Starburst collectors to drink! I'm afraid you now wear the Cheap Starburst Collection Crown! Do you have pics up on your Flickr page yet? Maybe give us a link over here in the land of Modtomic?

  5. I'll be posting some photos soon, and will share the link when I do.

  6. Here's a photo of some of what I grabbed the other day:

  7. Wow, what a steal. I love it. I need more side salad plates.