Monday, October 25, 2010

More Great Bedroom Furniture at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. Lane & Kroehler Dressers. Status: There when I left 10-21-10.


The Kroehler set has been at this store since I spotted the Brutalist set a few weeks ago. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been snatched up yet. The other Lane set is a new arrival and I don't think it'll be there long!


I really dig the little metal legs on this set! I've never seen these in metal on

furniture other than office furnishings. It really sets this set off. The stain color

is nothing to write home about but there is a nice grain to the wood. It'd be a

fine candidate for refinish or paint. Somebody could buy this for their kid, paint

it white and tell them it's Ikea! Except it would like...last.


Yup, another Lane set. This has some dings and scrapes but nothing serious that

I noticed. Lane must have made about a million different lines over the years.

Luckily about half of those were Mod! Seriously, if I wasn't already in a relationship

with Broyhill Brasilia, I'd have brought this home with me. But you know how clingy

and jealous Bedroom Furniture can there just ain't no room in the

Garage! When I get back from New Orleans there is going to be a Major

Rearranging Undertaking. I think I could have found a new home for this set with

a little effort.


  1. I think those furniture are for spacious bedrooms. You are not mentioned the size of those furniture but from the images i can guess those are only suitable for big and spacious bedrooms only. Isn't it?

  2. Amazing, 2 sets of MCM bedroom furniture just sitting there. It would be gone in 2 seconds here. I like that Lane set. It's very minimal.

  3. I used to post these findings on Craigslist but have fallen out of the habit since starting the Blog. The Girlfriend and I invited Kim (of Chair Name Finding Fame) out to dinner with us and while walking up toward the local value Village thrift store mentioned that she used to see some ads that somebody had posted on Craigslist of Retro stuff at the local thrift stores. I was all like, "That Was Me!!!".

  4. Chicago office furniture - Yeah, I agree. They are large pieces. Then again, I guess people just didn't mind being a little crowded in the '60s and '70s. The average size bedroom surely has grown since then but this style was widely utilized at that time. I have my long low nine drawer dresser in our master bedroom and the tall five drawer dresser in the guest bedroom. We barely use either.

  5. I have a piece to the set with the metal legs, its just the smaller 3 drawer dresser.