Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some "New" Goodies that I Had Just Layin' 'Round Still in Bags! Status: Recently Seeing The Light Of Day.


I think (Secondhand) Hannah mentioned something like this on her Blog. Or maybe it was just a conversation we had. I can't remember exactly, but it seems like I walk in the front door after a day Thrift Shopping and just drop the bags to get busy doing something else, then forget all about the bags for a few days!

Well, this morning I finally got around to opening some of these "presents"!

Hah, look at all the cool stuff I found! Sometimes I surprise myself with my

Own good taste!


I can't find anything out about this little guy. It's obviously a Creamer and

designed to look like an Arne Jacobsen chair. Cool huh?!?! Wouldn't it be cool

to have all the classics in dinnerware of some kind?


More Russel Wright? I picked this up off the shelf at the thrift store just 'cuz

I thought it was a cool looking serving tray. Then I flipped it over and saw the

Russel Wright signature! Then I read the instructions and realized it was a

HEATED serving tray! Double bonus! Anybody got any info about it?


More barware. These "roly poly" glasses are in the style or manor of Dorothy

Thorpe. They're pretty cool, but I have another set where the chrome "fades" from

solid at the top to gone by the middle. But one can never have too much barware!


When we have parties (maybe four or five times a year..trying to have more) we

actually use a lot of these type of entertaining dishware. Carrots, celery,

broccoli and cauliflower on the outside with dip in the center!


This will make a great center piece for a formal dinner should I ever get around

to refinishing it and...well, having a formal dinner party! It all slips apart

so it'll be and easy refinish. Gotta get me some candles too. Don't it kinda

"Go" with the the Broyhill Brasilia?


Harkerware Stone China salad and dinner plates. Pink and Grey. The first picture

shows the color best. Weird how the camera works. Anyway...I tend to buy

anything that my gut says buy. I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of this

stuff so (as the Franciscan Starburst near debacle has taught me) I just buy it!


  1. The candle holder is so pretty, I would just rub on some danish oil and all of those imperfections will go away. The creamer makes me laugh, I haven't ever seen anything like it.

  2. I guess I need to get some Danish Oil, huh. It ain't like I don't have tons of stuff that can use it! There are so many things I need to go to the hardware store for. I need to make a list. BTW, everybody, check out your local True Value hardware store. Go get a key made or some light bulbs. Ask an associate some questions. Poke around and explore. You might never go to the Big Box hardware store again! I had to fix a leaky bathroom sink drain and they not only helped me find the right seal but CUT the pipe to length for me too! They are always ready to help and know a thing or two about a thing or two.