Saturday, October 9, 2010

A classic beauty. '60s era Lane Step End Tabel with Drawer. ROCK SOLID...and heavy. Lane didn't mess around. Status: Gone.


The legs really make this side table.  Very Danish Modern, while the two tiered top keeps it classy.  Not really sure how to describe the lower top.
Inlaid?  Bookmatched?  Parquet?  Whatever, it looks nice.  This was rescued from the Goodwill in St. Chuck not too long ago.  It was looking up at me with those sad eyes that these things always seem to have.  Sad eyes or not, this table was built to last.  Solid wood throughout.  None of that cheap Ikea particle board used here.  This is something that an owner could pass down to their kids, if their kids have any taste at all!

Now, it's not perfect. It's 40-50 years old!  It has acquired some....character along the way.  There are some bumps and bruised here and there.  But, it being made of real wood, it can always be refinished.  Don't you need a little extra storage next to your sofa? It could be yours for One low, low payment of $Too Late!

Status Update: went to a new home this afternoon.


  1. Lane rocks! I really, really like this one because of the drawer. Usually it's just a second table level. Great price at $65!

  2. I've had two possible buyers contact me already...but no takers yet.

  3. It got taken home Yesterday for the asking price.