Sunday, October 3, 2010

50 Posts / 50 Days! What's to be had 10-02-10 by way of second hand in St. Lou. Status: some of it followed me home. ::shrugg::


Nice set of dishes, right? This is the Boutonniere pattern by Taylor Smith Taylor. It didn't come home with me. Another set did.


This set managed to find its way into the car. Tag says 26 pieces but that counts the 2 lids, so really 24 pieces. Some are cracked too. I'll have to go through the set with a fine tooth comb but I think it may just be one dinner plate and the large serving bowl. Still a bargain. I needed the salad plates. Everything else is bonus material. Some of this will be sold I'm thinking. Also picked up a cool "lighted" painting!


Nothing else made the cut. It's all still there waiting for someone else to come get it.

Thrift stores: Goodwill on Forest Park Pkwy. & Value Village South County.




Antique Mall - Kenrick Antique Mall




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