Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving stuff around in the Garage yesterday..."Found" this! Status: Top Broke Into A Thousand Little Pieces & Base / Chairs Are Gone.


Now isn't this just a match made in heaven? Don't they all look like they were just meant for one another? Can you believe I forgot I had this table stuck in the Garage?

I had to drag a few items out of the Garage this weekend to click off a few pics

for a buyer in New Orleans and tripped across this "tulip" style table. I got it

last spring, stuck it in the Garage and promply forgot all about it! It needs some

cleanup and isn't One Hundred over One Hundred but I'm sure somebody will be

happy to get it out of my Garage and call it there own. I'm pretty sure it's a

ChromeCraft piece, but I haven't looked it over for a mark. The "stem" is aluminum

and would look amazing polished up. The "foot" is a semi translucent plastic like

material and could be painted. The upper base is covered in white vinyl. The top

is smoke colored glass. Looks pretty sweet with those Panton S chairs, Eh?

Status Update 11-28-10: I dropped the oval glass top and broke it. Suck. The table base and the chairs that went with the table are all gone...as are the Panton "S" chairs!)

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