Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Starburst....I Know, Right?!?! I've already fessed up to having a problem. Status: trying to elbow it's way into the kitchen.


Ain't it so pretty though? Who could resist that charm? YOU? Puhlease...


These were all found at different times and different places. Except for the Blue lid, the

lids were found separately as well. Check out the subtle Starbursts cut into the clear

round lid! And how cool is it that it actually fit this casserole dish?  I found the first lidless

casserole at a thrift store up the street. I then found the clear lid about two weeks later

at a yard sale down the street from Fitanga (on Jefferson in South City...GO) where we

were having dinner.


Then I found the oval dish at the flea mkt. and the lid to it a few days later at yet another

flea mkt. (wow, really?). The casserole and blue lid were found a couple weeks ago at

the antique mall down by Six Flags, where I also picked up the giant Witco piece.

Funny thing is, for the previous maybe 10 years of hitting thrift stores, antique malls,

estate sales and flea mkts I had never seen this "pattern" before!


  1. No, I can't resist its charm. Yes, it's so pretty. Now ship them to me! LOL

  2. Isn't it amazing when you find pieces separately? I've done the same thing and I can't believe it every time it happens.

  3. The thing about these casserole dishes is that they are slightly smaller than the Fireking casseroles. So the lids aren't interchangeable. And the lids aren't marked! So finding a lid that fits without having the casserole dish with you is a total shot in the dark.