Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well, I'm pretty sure the Girlfriend would Prefer I collected...ok, horded...mmmm, no no no...Curated(!) this size vintage modern furniture. But alas, wish in one hand, watch it rain in the other and see which fill up faster. Status: piqueing my interest.


This all started with a Marx steel doll house I spotted at an antique mall near Cuba Mo. 

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Imported Photos 00002

It was a really cool Mid-Century ranch and I still kick myself a little for not buying it. That certainly snow-balled!


Look, Mr. Modtomic might be a New Male all in touch with his feminine side or whatever, but a doll house?  Yes.  The answer was...and is still, yep.  Shoulda bought it.  I have, of course, been a little preoccupied with finding another as cool. 


(Doesn't the bedroom and dining furniture look remarkably like the Broyhill Emphasis line of vintage modern furniture? Too bad they didn't go with a Brasilia influence!)

So when these pieces showed up at the Wentzville Flea Mkt. I knew better than leaving them behind.  One can only kick oneself so many times before it really starts to leave bruises...then your co-workers start rumors concerning your significant other and a whole thing starts.  So home they came and the Girlfriend was all like "Sweet! Does this mean I get my garage back?".  Mmmmm...sorry sweety, but Uh uh.  Not any time soon!

Also along the same lines, I picked up these (larger) scale replicas of 1940s Washer / Dryer salt and pepper shakers at the Belleville Flea Mkt. a few weeks ago. How cool, eh?

Anybody else have a "Doll House" or cool miniatures of any kind?



  1. Hey - thanks for the comments on my blog. My bedroom furniture is the Broyhill Forward 70 line. I really wanted Brasilia but I came across this first and thought I'd make do with it for awhile. Now I love it! I think it was introduced about the same time as the Brasilia and Sculptra lines. The Forward 70 must not have been as popular since I can find very few examples of it. If you ever see a nightstand in this line nab it - I'll buy it from you!

    Good luck keeping up your daily post. I can't even manage it weekly. I definitely be checking in. I've actually seen your craigslist postings many times. (I'm in KC)

  2. Forgot to add that I like your doll furniture. I don't think you need to worry *too* much unless you start buying dolls and playing with them. That might be going a little far!

  3. The Forward 70 line is pretty nice! Furnish Me Vintage has a beautiful china cabinet available. When I spotted it I thought it looked like it would go well with the Acclaim line by Lane. It's not as "wild" as the Brasilia but it has staying power. It's a bit more classy. When / if you go with Brasilia I think you might be able to sell the Forward 70 for more. Like Furnish Me Vintage wrote, "Pieces from the "Forward 70″ line are nearly impossible to find", adding to their value.

    The Daily posting isn't to hard. I just have to upload a few pics and write a little blah blah blah about them. The tough part will be when I go on trips. I'm planning on heading to New Orleans for Halloween and I'll have to set up some auto-posting for that.

    So far I haven't messed with the dolls but I'm wondering if I might be able to dress up a GI Joe like Dan Draper and a Pincess Leia like...just kidding.