Thursday, September 9, 2010

This table (Adrian Pearsall - Craft Associates?) replaced my Knut Hesterberg / Ronald Schmidt Propeller coffee table that Mr. Harris is currently enjoying the company of. Status: Here to stay...'til something better comes along. I'm fickle like that.


I'm pretty sure it's an Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates design though I've never seen one just like it on this here internet.

I have seen a taller side table version of it attributed to the aforementioned Mr. Pearsall. Soooo...I'm going with that! It goes really great with the Z chair. One of these days I'll clean up the "family" room and get pics of it with it's buddies, couch and chair. Hmmmm, might be a while. Don't nobody hold their breath. Like I said above, I had to replace the Propellor table that I passed on to Neil and while now I know that Neil isn't a flake, you know how C-list can be. This table had been on the list for about a week and a half. I decided to "pull the trigger" on it and send an e-mail. I could hardly believe it was still available and picked it up later that evening from a lovely lady in south county (after getting myself lost briefly). Neil picked up his table later that week and the circle of life was complete! Hey Neil, send me a pic of the table in its new home! All my pics of it kinda suck.


  1. Yep, it's a Pearsall. My daughter found one just like it the other day, with coffee table...$8 for the pair, without glass. I just found a pair of the tables like yours on 1st Dibs for $1375.

  2. Dana - any chance you could drop a link to the pics here? I've never seen on exactly like mine. The closest I've seen is close but has very subtle "feet" at the end of the legs.

  3. Oh, I see them on your blog. Never mind about the link. I've seen the end tables like those before. Still looking for a coffee table like mine though.