Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is the Chair I picked up last weekend at the Belleville Flea Market. I'm wondering what style it might be attributed to. Status Update: Identified!


The only marking is a tag on the bottom from Lammerts Furniture Store here in St. Louis.


I don't think it's by a recognized designer or manufacturer but it is an unusual design. I hesitate to call it just Danish Modern. There seems to have what I perceive to be a definite Asian influence. While pretty comfortable for a side chair the lines are very stark. What sold the chair to me is the connection between the front legs and the arms. I just love that little detail. It is so old fashioned and unnecessary but so aesthetically pleasing and subtle. I think this chair is going in the Master Bedroom as the color of the wood and styling will, I think, compliment the Brasilia bedroom furnishings. I just rearranged the bed orientation and moved out some unnecessary furniture and the room looks twice as big and, well...empty. I'm thinking I need a bench at the end of the bed now.

Status Update: We now have the ID on this chair thanks to Jonathan Goldstein. Turns out they are 1959 American Design Foundation chairs designed by Kipp Stewart and Stewart MacDougal manufactured by Winchendon Furniture.


  1. My parent's had 2 side chairs that looked nothing like this EXCEPT for that join detail on the arm of the chair. I had forgotten about them until now. I would also hesitate to call those chairs of my folks Danish Modern. More like, Danish Mod inspired? Maybe they were a subset of affordable knock offs? I'm pretty sure my parent's got theirs at the Salvation Army when they were married in the early 70's. I always thought they looked like waiting room chairs.

  2. I'm still looking for comparable chairs out there. Sooner or later something will turn up. I get my "scavenging" or thrifting obsession from my parents too. My dad has always been a good at living on a limited budget (teaching me to respect a hard earned dollar) and my mom is a second hand genius (and reseller extraordinaire)!

  3. So according to my Mom, the chairs came from a set that included a "love seat"-2 chairs strung together and "couch"-3 chairs together. Indeed they were scavenged by my Father from a doctors office. The upholstery was wool and some pieces were orange and some brown. So maybe yours is also from a office furniture supplier that manufactured a Danish Modern line?