Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The other Predictas. This is a Holiday and a Princess. The Princess works fine besides the screen gank. Status: Wanting for the gentle hands of a TV Technician.


Yeah, the Princess works great except the picture, like my other Predicta, is kinda squished. The Holiday pictured here was supposed to work.

See a short video of the Princess in use by clicking through!


The seller said it (the Holiday) works and while powering up (tubes take a little time to "warm up")

the screen started to come to life, but some light smoke and the acrid smell of overheating wire

insulation started to come out of the back. I pulled the plug pretty quickly. I don't think anything too

bad happened. I need to find me an old TV guy who can work on these.

Anyone know of a REPUTABLE service man in or near North County who can work on these? I

have another Princess out in the garage but it's in parts. I was told that it worked as well but the seller

had rented it to a movie studio who sent it back to her in less than perfect condition. I think I can save

it! Somebody has to show some love to these guys.


  1. Wow! Futuristic TVs from the past! They're awesome specimens, and kinda-sorta predate the look of the first all-in-one iMacs. And people thought the '50s were dull...

  2. Yeah, I bought a used iMac G4 a short while back to play DVDs on in our Lounge because it so reminds me of the Predicta! It looks like an I Robot interpretation of the Predicta. The guy I bought it from couldn't get his head around the idea of using such a great machine just to play movies on. Eh, it does the job and does it in style!

  3. These are UNBELIEVABLE. I absolutely love Predictas. I can't believe how mod and space age they look. The guys on a recent American Pickers picked one up and then traded it for something lame. I was like "whaaaaat"?

  4. Rhan - Yeah, I fell HARD for the Predictas. I sometimes wish I had cable so I could watch shows like American Pickers. I miss so many cool shows, but I don't watch too much TV for real. It would be such a waste of money. Plus there's so much cool stuff on PBS (free over the air).