Thursday, September 2, 2010

Witco! Distinctive Sculptural Wood Carving. You WILL be the only person on your block with one like it! Status: Gone.


Wow, this is a HUGE Witco sculpture!


The backing is 5 ft. tall by 2 ft. wide. It's not in perfect condition but with a little TLC it would look

great. I know this is not for everybody. I KNOW! But there are people out there who know the

name Witco. Who appreciate Witco carvings and sculpture. People who would love to have this

HUGE piece of Witco!


I'm thinking it's the Three Wise Men. Anybody have any other ideas? I once saw a set of very nice

Witco owls at the thrift store and passed on them. I didn't know what they were at the time. I know

they weren't the big deal this is but I still kinda kick myself for not snatching them up.


This big guy was found at a rural antique mall just a few days ago. I just don't have a suitable place

for it in my collection. But I hope to find it an appreciative home for this unique piece soon!

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