Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just picked up these beautiful bentwood chairs last weekend. Thanks Gus. The girlfriend loves them as much as I do! Status: ID'd (Pagholz!) and Available.


I picked these up last weekend when I showed up at a C-list sellers home to buy a set of lamps.  The lamps had a pair of awesome shades that I needed for the danish lamps in our bedroom.

While I was there I spotted these four stacking chairs.  I had noticed another ad for these on the list.  I liked them so much that I snatched them up too!  They are by Royal / Royalmetal.  I have seen others like these. I drove up to Chicago a while back to get our Broyhill Brasilia bed and one of the nightstands and the seller there had a set very similar to these but I recall them being from a German company.  I'll have to look up that seller and see if I can get some more info.  I'm not Crazy about the stacking bases but they look nice and are convenient.  I recently let go of a dining table that looked a lot like a Herman Miller Segmented Base table that I think these chairs would have gone great with.  My gut reaction to getting these chairs was to pair them up with danish modern desks as I find them but now, having them here in the house, I'm conflicted.  I hate to break up the set!  I do have a neat danish modern drop leaf table that I could include them with.  Hmmm.  I guess I need to get that table out, set them up together and see what it looks like.


  1. Great score ! The German equivalents you are thinking of is Pagholz (Flötotto). Lovely chair- find !

  2. YES! Pagholz, that is it! Ding Ding Ding, give that anonymous reader a prize.

    And guess what, I must be blind. I did a quick e-bay (completed listings) search of Pagholz and spotted the stamp mark. Then thought, chairs have some sort of stamp mark. Went and looked at one of the my chairs and there it is, the Pagholz stamp in the wood! So the bentwood seat part is likely German by Pagholz and the legs and marketing are likely by Royalmetal.

    Sound about right?

  3. DANG! when I saw these my heart skipped a beat. when I was a young girl my grandparents had chairs like these in their kitchen but they were red in the seat area and I believe black on the back. I was in college when the house was dismantled when grandpa died and I'm sure these were tossed. I asked my aunt recently about them since she got the contents of the house but if she did have them at some point, they are long gone. It's a memory thing for me, of course, but it would be cool to have them. These are nice with the stained wood.

  4. denise - I've never seen these painted. Well, I haven't seen a lot of these either way! The first time I saw them was a few years ago when I drove up to Chicago to buy some Brasilia and the seller had a few of these in their kitchen. She knew only a little bit about them and actually asked me if I knew anything about them. I forgot all about them until I had these for a while and a commenter mentioned the name "Pagholz". Then I checked them again and realized that these were the same chairs. These are available on my Craigslist ad #2. Click the link on the right side to get to my ads.

  5. How much would one of those chairs go for in perfect condition?