Wednesday, September 1, 2010's a mystery! A real "who made it?"! Can anyone identify this little beauty? Status: Taken but curious.


I got this sweet little gem at a local antique mall a while back. It was sitting in a booth full of shabby chic and antiquey what not.

Way, way out of place. It was BEGGING me to take it home, BEGGING ME! I had to get it out of there. Now I'd like to know who made it. I know I've seen the swirly hair detail in fiberglass chairs before but I just can't seem to find anything like it (I don't mean just Herman Miller - Eames chairs) out there. It's not marked. I'm pretty sure it's not Herman Miller. I'd love to even just see another like it! If you have one, feel free to share some pics!

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  1. Hello there Mr. Modtomic,
    I have a chair that is very, very similar to yours and has a tag that says it was made by Douglas Furniture Corporation. The chair is the same color with the gray fiberglass through it in a heavy pattern, although the base on mine is a bit different. We have a friend in common (secondhandhannah)and she suggested that I email you but unfortunately I can't get my pictures to attach. If you email me, I'll send the pics back to you.