Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More "yes, I have a problem" collection stuff. This time it's just a few on my vintage Irons. Status: Taken (but flexible).


This all started with one innocent purchase from an estate sale.

It of course turned out to be an American Beauty iron (in it's orig. box!). Now I have like four more American Beauty irons and it has branched out from there. My favorite (right now) is the General Mills (the General...that sounds a little less...feminine...right?). It's got that look of an art deco streamlined locomotive. It's a simple electric heat iron but is sitting on it's optional steam iron base. The other "General" is the red and chrome General Electric. It's the only red handled iron of it's kind I've ever seen, not that I go iron hunting or anything. The last pictured here is a baby blue Sunbeam steam iron. I do actually use this iron from time to time. It's fairly modern and does it's job without fuss.

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