Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shoppin' on the South Side. A great little shop called Cool Stuff Really Cheep (sic). Status: Awaiting your arrival!


First, sorry for the crappy camera phone pics. I didn't know that I was headed there today and didn't have the "real" camera with me.

My mom put me on to this great little shop in South St. Louis. Whoa whoa whoa...

Wait..my mom is pretty d*mn cool, and so is this little shop. For the mid century collector / snob (like, you know...me - ::shrugg::) it can be a bit "hit or miss" as there will likely be some items available that might make you scratch your head, but if you find something you like, the price probably won't make you balk. I myself (a dyed in the wool cheapo) have bought something just about every time I've been in the place. The shop is SERIOUSLY easy to find too. Just one block off highway 55 at Virginia if headed North or Bates if headed South. The actual address is 5520 Virginia. Drop by and tell 'em Mr. Modtomic sent ya! Oh and as a Bonus, there is an amazing restaurant almost right next door called The Iron Barley. Get there early. It's a small joint and they don't take reservations. It fills up quick. The food is so good.

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