Saturday, August 28, 2010

My girlfriend is as crazy as I am...I mean...she's crazy. Not me. Vintage Costume Jewelry. Status: Un-freakin-available


So, like I said, I collect all manor of 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s vintage, retro, danish modern and midcentury ephemera. What I don't collect is vintage costume jewelry. Wanna know why?

BECAUSE MY GIRLFRIEND COLLECTED IT ALL ALREADY! Good god, if I have to hear about "Listner this" or "Kramer that" one...more...time... Just kidding! Ha Ha......I love the uh, Listner....AND And...and the, what was it? Kramer?

But for real, she is a total snake for this stuff. She buys this for pennies on the dollar, tells me all about how much it's worth and then stashes it on this Big Giant Bakers "Speed Rack". Maybe one day will be able to retire on this stuff! Yeah right, like she'll ever sell any of it. And notice, the Speed Rack is FULL!


  1. Ok, so I thought I had a lot of costume jewelry. I don't feel so bad now! Great collection - and I love the storage.

  2. You have costume jewelry? You mean there's some still left? Huh!

  3. Wow! I am two year late in seeing this and happened to find it on a google search. Wow!! some more. That baker's rack is THE best idea. I'd totally copy that if my cats couldn't get on those pans. And please tell me that she wears jewelry every day? Four or five pieces?