Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Metlox Poppytrail Confetti Pattern - Full Setting for 8 (with 2 minor edge chips), 58 pcs total. Status update: All Gone.


More Pink. Yes indeed, Mr. Modtomic is man enough to admit being in touch with his feminine side.

"I like pink", there...I said it...what? This enormous set came from a local(ish) flea market. All in one big...heavy...box. All the way...back (huff)...to..the(huff-puff)...car(whew). It sure is pretty though! It was in my Brasilia china cabinet as my Spring display. Lots of serving pieces with this set. This is pretty heavy duty stuff too. If taken relatively good care of, your grandkids will be enjoying it when they have a china cabinet to fill with it!

Update: My Craigslist ad got picked up by Apartment Therapy for their "Scavenger" spot and a local reader immediately shot me an e-mail. She came by and picked them up today! They have found a happy new home!

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