Thursday, August 26, 2010

The big "for me only" purchase. Selig "Z" Chair. Status: ME!!!


So, I never thought I'd be a guy who spends a lot (A LOT!) of money on "A" chair. But sometimes...
Selig Z Chair 2Selig Z Chair 1

well, sometimes you just have a little extra money layin' 'round with nothing begging it's

attention! What I really REALLY wanted was an Eames style lounge chair and ottoman, but I

looked and looked and just couldn't find what I wanted. I had seen this beauty on the

Springfield Mo. C-list a while back and thought for sure it had already been snatched up. I

called the seller (which turned out to be an antique mall [Funtiques Market 417-864-0948]...a

very cool antique mall!) and "why yes, it's still available. Why don't you drive on down FROM

ST. LOUIS and pick it up!"

Selig Z Chair 5Selig Z Chair 3

So like I said, it was priced pretty high...and uh, I forgot that I'd have to pay tax since it was at a

business. Oh yeah, $50 gas too. But, even though I'm so not a haggler, I managed to talk down

the seller a bit and loaded the beauty up in the wagon. To me, this chair represents the Alpha

Dog of the Danish Modern Lounge Chair genre. What do you think?


  1. Wow, this is one beautiful chair! *Jealous*
    But it's really just comfortable art, isn't it?
    Congrats, Chris!
    Btw, my Hesterberg table is very happy in its new home.

  2. Hi Neil! Good to hear from ya!

    Did you go with the big glass top or the small one? How about Barstools, have you found what you are looking for yet? Did you happen to check out the set that Goodeyemodern had available on Ebay? They were pretty cool and it looks like they sold for just $26! Dag, I shoulda' bid on those!

    The chair IS comfortable art! It really is obviously a high end chair when you sit in it. I really just bought it to make ME look better when seated. I just got a very cool Pearsall coffee table (replaced the Hesterberg Propeller table!) that the Selig looks Soooo great with. I'll get some pics of them together on here sometime.

  3. Would you believe I came across your link on Google because I just found one of these dumpster diving in NYC? Original upholstery, little danish flag logo button, and everything. I feel extra lucky now! Cheers!

  4. Dag, everybody gets lucky in the dumpsters but me! Hmmmm...I might should aughta' rephrase that. Eh, whatev'. You wanna know who's gets lucky in the dumpsters? Secondhand Hannah. Take a minute to peruse her blog. Wow, the great stuff she susses out of the trash. ::shakes head:: I once snatched up a 1930s style waterfall vanity and mirror from an alley way that I later sold for $200. Seems like Hannah trips over a dozen $200 vanitys to get to the good stuff every day!

  5. Stunning. I absolutely love the Z!

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