Friday, August 27, 2010

A most interesting (and brave little?) Toaster. Status: pending (undecided).


I have a collection of all weird toasters, electric frying pans, fondue pots, etc.

I have three of the Sunbeam automatic toasters. The ones that you just drop the bread in and the toaster lowers it, toasts it perfectly then raises it all without you having to do ANYTHING! That is Atomic convenience! Anyway, this little guy caught my eye at an antique mall and I just had to bring the stray home. I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep him or try to find him another loving home. It's super clean inside so I don't think it was even used much. It uses indirect heat to toast bread. The heating element isn't on either side of the bread as in a regular toaster. It is directly beneath the bottom of the bread slices but separated by a deflector so that the heat doesn't just burn the bottom of your toast. Seems pretty interesting...wish I had a couple pieces of bread to toast. There is also a toasting tray in the bottom I guess to warm muffins or melt cheese on a sandwich.

It kinda looks like a Robot head to me. Anybody need a robot with toast for brains?

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