Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Brasilia Collection - Another obsession. Status: Unavailable.

Broyhill Brasilia Bedroom 04

This all started when my girlfriend bought and moved into this 1965 Ranch...


I had been collecting mostly Fifties vintage modern stuff and had only a few pieces

of Sixties modern or danish modern. So we needed a formal dining room set, you

know...for the formal dining room! Gotta fill it with SOMETHING! We looked around

for a while and couldn't really settle on anything we had seen floating around on

C-list. I had seen some info on this Broyhill Brasilia stuff on the site a while back so I decided to show her that.

Brasilia Dining Set

I myself wasn't too fond of it (YET!), but I had never really had a reason to

consider it before. After a few moments of perusal, we both agreed that it would

suit the house better than just about anything we had found thus far.

sold SSPX1960

Within a week she was texting me from the Salvation Army thrift store. Her- "Found

what might be Brasilia dresser." Me- "send me a pic." Yup, a nice long low nine

drawer dresser. She got it for like $13 or something stupid cheap like that. It's the

dresser we still use today. I've since gone through 4 others. To make a long story

short, within a month we had the bed, night stand, complete dining suite, another

night stand and a whole lot of extras to get rid of.


As of tomorrow I won't have even one piece of Brasilia available. That is saying

something as I've gone through two bedrooms and two dining rooms!

Sold DSCN6790


  1. It's great stuff. We have a complete bedroom set, dining room set and 2 additional bedroom pieces in our kids' nursery. In perfecting our collection I also bought and sold 4 single back chairs, the square table, a Saga or Sculptra larger table and china cabinet and a beat up Brasilia china cabinet. I am done now... unless I find the lingerie chest. I want that.

  2. It's nice that these pieces are desired enough that you can do enough horse trading to furnish your home Brasilia and have it pay for itself!