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Monday, March 24, 2014

Saturday Night The Girlfriend Not Only Dragged A Mr. To See Some Young Adult Book Turned Movie (Divergent) But To TJ Maxx And Marshalls Too. A Danish Barstool? Yup. The Most Danish Of Danish Barstools! Status: ...At Least In Design.


I just wanted some new socks.  I wasn't looking to be surprised by a knock off of a fine danish modern seating unit.  And anyway, why'd they only have one?  That's just weird.


I know right!?  A Hans Wegner Wishbone barstool?  At Marshalls?  This was kinda weird?  I had to

look around for the TV cameras and "Gotcha!" host.  Now, I wasn't going to buy it...but well, maybe if it had

been a better made.  I've had the real thing and this...this didn't measure up.


But that's what you get from a $130 made in China knock off.  You get the style but not the

craftsmanship.  These looked like they'd been left out in the rain for a few summers.  I wouldn't

recommend wearing a loose knit blouse / shirt or a sweater while sitting in one of these since the

joints on the backrest were iffy at best.  Still, it's so pretty.  I couldn't help but take a bunch

of pics and show y'all!


  1. This looks like the result of indifferent storage and handling--Marshall's apparently still buys odd lot leftovers from liquidators and such--and maybe a lower-quality manufacturer. I have knockoffs of the Wegner wishbone chair and round chair ("The Chair") and they're better than this--I knew I wasn't going to be finding originals at prices I would pay, and I wanted compact chairs for spare bedrooms so guests had a place to perch while donning or doffing shoes, etc., and might also be pressed into service as extra dining chairs. Yes, I know it's controversial.

  2. If you want to hear what a Dane would say about ripping off Carl Hansen, check this out:
    I suspect my Lane Acclaim decor would earn me a battle axe in the skull.

  3. The Marshalls by me had a Barcelona knockoff a while back.