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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hot Or Not? We Stopped By A Couple Of Goodwills Today And I Spotted This Interesting Living Room Table Set, But I Couldn't Really Tell If This Is Something That's Up And Coming Or If It's An Easy Pass. Status: Whatcha Think?


I didn't want to know so bad that I was going to flip these over to find a manufacturer name, but I'm thinking it might be Lane.  It's hard to imagine these tables all cleaned up but whatcha think?  Would you find these attractive if they were refinished?


They kind of like like they're related to the Brutalist line that seems to be real popular.  That line also

has sports plinth base design and cast resin door decoration.  The top and sides all seem to be real

wood with maybe a veneer surface.  It could totally be refinished...but would it be worth it? 


This (to me) smacks of the late '70s and was probably a sorta modular system where in they could

attach different doors to achieve different designs.  It's those other designs, like the heavy

Mediterranean styles, that kind of make think twice about these.  Is this the next wave of vintage



  1. Can the cast-resin portion be refinished? The tops look very nice.

  2. I vote hot, even tho the resin doors are a little dismaying. I'm a sucker for the 70's tho.

  3. The design is hot but I'd rather the resin portion was real wood also. I agree that they are brutalist-ish.

  4. HOTTT!!! I mean.....less than $40 for the lot? Sheesh. Go back and grab them!

  5. I think this brutalist trend is going up up up! They'll be way more valuable in 5 years.