Monday, December 12, 2011

This Killer GE Granville Console Stereo Was Also Procured From The Sale Down The Street. I Was The ONLY Bidder. Status: Cheap? You Betcha!


I only know it's a "Granville" because the previous owner was kind enough to keep the original sales brochure along with some other paperwork for the unit! Apparently it's a Model RC4331 and the previous owner was also kind enough to keep it in excellent condition...mostly.

Outwardly it is nearly flawless. At least for a 45+ year old console unit! But...inside something

is amiss. I tested it before bidding and while it does come to life, there is no sound. Gotta work

on that. Also the turntable wasn't bolted down. Somebody's been "in there" already me thinks.

Eh, whatever. It's solid state so it should be easy to fix and if I can't, well...I can always pull

the old electronics and install a more modern unit.


This danish style unit has to be the LOWEST of the long and low consoles that I've had.

It almost has the shape of a blanket chest like you might have at the end of your bed.

According to the literature provided with the stereo the speakers are enclosed and since

they are made of real wood and have separate woofers, tweeters, etc., they should sound

amazing once I get it all up and running again.


Check out the multi segment lid! Need just the stereo? Open the front portion. Gotta change

that record? Lift it all up. Then...since that lid is up and your playing those records, you can

display the album cover on the lid so your guests will stop asking what the heck they are

listening to!



  1. Sweet...I'm going out hunting today and have a line on one that I hope looks anywhere near as nice as this one...

  2. I have that same console as a blanket chest! Someone converted it into a flip top cedar chest. It is perfect size for the end of a king bed.

  3. Wow -- that is definitely one of the prettiest stereos I have ever seen... I am always curious what you pay for your items to compare to our SF Bay Area prices...

  4. amazing...wish Stl was closer to Atl :)..i would have bought this one from u

  5. Mine is a GE TC5741BWDA....Identical cabinet, but the turntable is on the far right and it has a reel to reel deck on the left. All of it still works and the sound is beautiful. <3

  6. Hi! I am seriously hunting for a 1966 Packard Bell RPC 39 Solid State Stereo. They look a lot like this one. Do you have any leads? Will pay decently. email is Thanks much!

  7. I am trying to repair one of these for a friend. Just getting started. Looked at the power amp schematic and it should be a fine sounding unit. Gemanium PNP transistors mostly. It clearly was never meant to be repaired however. A wiring mess and an assembly / dissasembly maze. Pretty much everything has to come appart to get to anything in the chasis. Looks like I am not the first thats been in there either. Wish me luck.

  8. Hi! I just picked up this same GE console and am replacing a speaker that has blown. I've been looking for the manual online with no luck and was wondering if you would share yours with me? Want to make sure i get the proper 12" speakers (tweeters seem to be okay). Thanks so so much!

    1. Hi FG.

      Sorry, this unit has long since been sold.

  9. I found a very similar unit at a local thrift shop. It is solid walnut with wood by William Tell Woodcrafters (radio works great but not turntable) now repurposed as media console. Love the MCM lines and the speakers also work as auxiliary TV speakers with a built in auxiliarry jack. I have picture but looks like you can't attach pic to comments.

  10. I have this same unit found at estate sale for $15.00. It is beautiful! Had someone (Magnetic Tape of Louisville, KY) go thru it. they cleaned all the controls replaced the transistors and took apart turntable for cleaning, cost about $250.00. I am very happy with it, as I am writing this it is playing in the background.

  11. Gorgeous!! I found a GE Granville (different model than yours) from a guy on Facebook who sold it to me for $150. I had a guy come tune it up, clean it up, and make a few adjustments and it's playing Born to Run as we speak. I am SOOOO happy!! Yours is more than FAB!!

  12. What's the retail value for one of these in excellent condition and working perfectly?