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Monday, December 5, 2011

I Find The Survival Of These Cork Lamps Over The Years Amazing! They Seem So Soft And Fragile. Status: Still Here.


I can remember having an entire wall covered in cork when I was a kid. I remember it having a particular smell too. The thing about cork like this is that it is so soft and easily damaged. I'm really surprised to see these cork lamps still out there after all these years!


I picked this lamp up from Secondhand Hannah about a year or so ago just after having

started this blog. Seeing her blog featured on Apartment Therapy was a big influence on me.

I spotted an ad she had on craigslist for some lamps and chairs and dropped by to pick it all

up. I needed some shades mostly for some other lamps that I have but like the other lamps,

shades and the couple of chairs she had available. It's a shame that her blog has kinda died.

She used to find all the coolest stuff in the alleyways of South St. Louis.


So I still need to clean up the little wooden base of this lamp but it'll be available soon. I've

got to get on the ball and start listing all these extra items I've got just sitting around! I've

just got way too much stuff. I do love me some Vintage Modern lamps but I've got my fill.


  1. i always thgt of that when i saw one in a store..:). most of them are fragile yet so well preserved

  2. Cork is pretty resilient stuff. Takes a lickin' keeps on tickin' Unless someone takes something sharp to it. Good lookin' lamp!!