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Friday, December 2, 2011

Something's Fishy 'Round Here. I Hope It Ain't These Amazing Libbey Glasses. Status: Traded For!


So I finally got in touch with sabo_meenyo (who had mentioned a time or two that she'd like to do a glass swap!) and we made the trade! She seemed really pleased with the glassware I had for her and I'm sure everybody reading knows how much I love these Libbey "Fish" Glasses.


These "Pine Cone" glasses above are what I traded for the odd number lot of Libbey "Fish"

glasses.  A while back I had a set of 6 fish glasses but sold them to a buyer who really twisted

my arm!  I mean she TWISTED that arm hard!  She had to, to get me to let them go.  I

hemmed and hawed but eventually relinquished them.  I've missed them ever since.


Then, a few days ago I found a pair of the Parfait glasses out in the Garage in a mystery box

with a few other nearly forgotten items.  I posted about them and sabo meenyo tried once

again to get me to trade.  This time I got off my lazy butt and contacted her and Shazam! the

trade was made yesterday.  Yeehaw!


So here's where I stand now. Three of each. Erg. I have a little problem with uneven sets. But...

three of three...there is a certain symmetry to that setup. I don't think that will cause me too

much anxiety until I can find more to round out the collection. Maybe I'll sell some of my

Southern Comfort barware to finance the hunt!



  1. Hm....I guess you wouldn't be interested in the 3 glasses I have in this pattern that look like this (mine are the ones in the middle):


  2. locogirlp - I totally would love to get those 3 glasses! But...Texas? I don't do much buying, selling or trading online. Sorry!

  3. I saw 2 of the parfait fish glasses at the Creve Coeur Antique mall the other day. I think they were 5 bucks a piece.