Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Ever Happen In Your Neck Of The Woods? Two Stores, Two Scores, One Motif? Thorpe Style Glassware & Vintage Modern Candlesticks. Status: Thrift Score.


While not technically a Dorothy Thorpe style (as far as I know), that is still how I'd describe these four "rocks" and "highballs".  I didn't even have a chance to properly clean them up and yet, as you can see, they are still quite an attractive set.



So the tall Highballs glasses came from the Salv. Army in St. Charles and the short roly poly

Rocks glasses came from the Goodwill just about a 1/4 mile away. We have a Goodwill and

a Value Village Thrift Store in the same plaza. Sometimes I'll notice that a few pieces of

something like dishware will be at one and a few pieces of the same will be at the other. Do

you think that the people donating the items are trying to "be fair" by spreading the donations

around or do you think that maybe these items were split up at a storage auction? Maybe in

two side by side storage units that got sold to the two different stores? I just assume that the

thrift shops do storage unit buyouts...I've never asked. I just can't believe that the two sets

of glasses above didn't come from the same place!


...And candlestics! Guess what...different stores again. The tall single danish teak piece is from

the Salv. Army and the two stainless steel Avon shorties are from the other one, the Goodwill

. I know, weird! It's like there was some grand plan involved, but was just serendipity!

And this isn't even everything I got. There is yet one more interesting item that I got but I'm

saving it for later since it's a duplicate of another item I've already got and I want to shoot both

together. I swear, sometimes it seams like I can spend a day dropping in on each of my thrift

store "traps" and find each and every one empty, but days like yesterday are so great. We

here in the mid west are truly blessed with great thrift hunting grounds! Just like the weather in

St. Louis...don't like what your finding? Wait 15 minutes!

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  1. That happens to me a lot with silverware. Some pieces at one store and a few more at another store down the street.