Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nuthin' Beats Free But Finding A Tulip Table For Cheap Ain't Too Shabby. Status: Needs A Little Freshening Up.


More cheap cool tables! Nice. I found this beauty on C-list the same night I found the tossed Kroehler down the street. I picked it up on my way into work yesterday. It was at a business downtown that was liquidating it's assets.

Apparently this business had an auction earlier in the week or perhaps the week before and got

rid of a lot of stuff but this and just a few other items were left over. The guy who sold it to me

said that they had forgotten to auction it off as it was being used at the time by people in the

break room. Lucky me!


It's not pristine. I think it was originally white. It is aluminum so there isn't any rust issues like the

last tulip tables (and chairs) I had. It looks pretty good from a few feet away. The top isn't

original. You'll notice that it looks a little top heavy. The original top is actually still on the table

but is covered by another Formica topped table top. The second top is only 6" in diameter

larger but it really does make the base look precariously small.


Above you can see the doubled up table top. I could tell right away something was amiss when

I approached the table. The top wasn't beveled and they are almost always beveled or rounded.

I can't remember ever seeing a Tulip table like this with a square edge top. As soon as I looked

underneath I could see what they had done. My guess is that they just wanted a little more room

and this top was laying around, so...


With such a smallish base, it's a good thing there is a hefty chunk of aluminum to help keep this

table shiny side up. It's a shame that the original top will have a couple screw holes in it but I'm

thinking about covering it in some interesting vinyl and placing a thin piece of fitted cut glass over

that. It's an idea I got from a Chromecraft Tulip table I had a while back that had a white vinyl

top and a smoke glass over that. Dang...that was a good looking table! I forgot how good that

looked with the Panton chairs.


  1. The set from the last post looks great. Sure someone loved to get it. I'm sure you can make this one beautiful as well and find it a happy new owner. Damn, how big is your garage anyway??

  2. Lol, it is amazingly big, and he is able to pack very well. I was impressed anyway when we bought our furniture from him.

    On another note...just bought my 1966 Frigidaire Flair. I love it! Finally a stove that works in my kitchen.

    Right now there is a light green wall mount GE refrigerator on Craigslist which I had hoped would work in my kitchen as will not, but maybe it would for someone least I hope it finds a good home.

  3. dont know how to post this: but i have a 50's wall fridge, green in color, works seal are great. anyone interested call 314 398 9859