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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just A Quick Heads Up - That Plycraft "Eames" Chair & Ottoman eBay Auction Is Getting Close To Ending. Status: Still Pretty Cheap (as of 11pm Tuesday)

Click through for a link to the eBay auction!

Less than 24 hours left on the eBay auction and at press time the bidding has stalled at just $120.50! It's not perfect but If (like me) you've been pining for one of these...it may be worth your while to throw your hat in the ring. Wait...is that the right analogy? Whateve... If I didn't already have my Mr. Chair project (I know, I know...I'm working on it!) I'd have already placed a bid myself.


  1. Is that a plycraft or a selig? I have one identical to that (minus the ottoman, which I'm trying to track down).

  2. According to the eBay ad (and seller) it's a Plycraft, though not tag is shown in the ad. Plycraft seems to be becoming the default description of any unlabeled Eames type lounge chair these days. I didn't inspect the chair myself when I saw it at the estate sale as it was already purchased.