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Friday, May 27, 2011

I've Featured A "Before And After" On This Table Before But This Is Just As Dramatic. Status: I Think I Could Hear It Sighing.


You might remember this little refinish project from a while back if you've been reading this here lil' blog for long enough. I thought just being able to rescue it from the ravages it had previously suffered was pretty impressive...but giving it a rub down with the Feed N Wax was the cherry on top of the sunday!




The top turned out so good that I went ahead and rubbed down the rest of the table. Folks

have been trying to sell me on this Feed N Wax stuff for years. Now I know why! This table is a

rather dramatic example but it's obvious the stuff is golden. Get some. Use it. Be impressed.

Mmmmm...she's a beauty, huh.  Hey, it's available (hint hint!).


  1. wow! That Feed N Wax really brought that table back to life!

  2. I'm tellin' ya...the stuff is magic. Wow, that turned out to be a gorgeous piece!