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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Took The Camera Over To The Girlfriend's Mom's Place Where We Had Lunch Saturday. Status: Nicely Appointed, Mr. Modtomic Approved.


This Secretary has been in the Girlfriends family for generations. It was decorated by the Girlfriends grandmother many years ago.

It now resides in a beautiful Art Deco high rise on Lindell blvd., surrounded by

mid-century architecture and across the street from the Catholic Center. How

appropriate, no?


How about the cute kittie? And isn't it rare to see a danish piece of furniture

decorated so subtley and appropriately?


This five drawer tall dresser was similarly decorated by the Girlfriends

grandmother. I'm pretty sure it was done with a wood burning tool.


You can see that good taste abounds in the Girlfriend's mother's abode.


I love the creatively stacked pieces above to make better use of both the pieces

as well as the space. They look like they were meant to be stacked this way.


Good looking dining set, no? I'm REALLY enamored of the sculptural quality of the

table legs. This set is unfortunately hidden from most eyes by a protective table

cloth on most days. I finally had to unveil it and shoot some pics of it's nicely

grained beauty.

So as you can see, the Girlfriend is surrounded by good taste! She even had a

nice little blonde, danish modern bookshelf when I first met her.


  1. Niiiice place. Love the furniture of course. Hey, I just sold that exact kitty from my Etsy shop! Small world.

  2. Rhan - The "blog world" is a small one indeed. I should have taken some pics of the building and the lobby. It's sooo art deco and really beautiful.