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Monday, December 27, 2010

I Got Buckets But I'm Not Gonna Be Kicking Them Anytime Soon...I'm Hoping. Status: Cool...Inside And Out.


Ya gotta have ice to make cocktails. A Styrofoam cooler just won't cut it.

If your just making drinks then OK, pop an ice tray or whatever. If you're serving

cocktails at a gathering, well...you gotta do that in style.


This swirly brown one harkens back to the Art Deco Era. It doesn't see much ice

as the Girlfriend has Co-opted it as a change bucket. Vacation money she says.


This brown faux woodgrain vinyl ice bucket gets the most use. It's big and pretty

rugged. I've had it the longest. My sister bought one just like it for her "regular"

basement bar. When I spotted it I was pretty surprised since she's not into the

vintage stuff.


This is my latest Ice Bucket find. I'd love to polish it up some day. I think it really

goes with the Dorthey Thorpe "rolly poley" chrome rim glassware. I've also got a

fake bowling ball ice bucket around somewhere that I need to find and display.


  1. Love your vintage ice buckets. I seem to have 3-4 of those around here, too. My favorite one is the aluminum Penguin Hot & Cold Server by West Bend. It sits on my bar all the time!

  2. Truly digging those!
    (I'll have a Tom Collins please.)

  3. Cool ice buckets, especially your latest one! I love my Penguin too, but what I really want in the worst way is one of those HUGE, 19"+ badass Dansk teak ones by Jens Quistgaard. I'm gonna keep looking till I find one cheap!

  4. Hunting T - I had one of those West Bend buckets! It was Soooo mint. Mirror finish. I sold it in New Orleans last spring.

    bob - fix us both one...but make mine a Southern Comfort Collins please!

    Dana - I have yet to run across one of the Teak buckets. At least anywhere but at the Antique Malls.